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    Hello Strangers!

    Thanks for the welcome Chetan, I will be posing the odd question here and popping in regularly as I will need updates on Delhi as I guess things have changed lots in the last 3 years? I am of course very interested in the airport metro line (Really the whole metro!) and am sure any initial problems will be well sorted by July. I'm looking forward to being whisked from the airport to CP in what is it 20 odd minutes? Cheers all
  2. HowieUK

    Hello Strangers!

    Hi All, HowieUK here, back again after quite an absence. I am next in India in July. Not the best of timing I know! Spending a week at a conference in Guwahati in Assam with work and then I'm staying in Delhi from July 11th to 16th for old time sakes! Going to try and book into 'Cottage Yes Please'. Old habits die hard and need to be near the Pahar Ganj! I was last in India in March 2008 - Seems a long time ago. I thought I might never be able to go back but fortunes have changed and I now have to go to Guwahati, it's compulsory. :whistling: If they only knew it is one of my dearest wishes. :bigsmile: Seems to have been a lot of changes here? Hope everyone is ok? Speak soon Ratty (known previously as Howie)
  3. Welcome to the forums HowieUK :)

  4. hi howieuk, I'm having troubles with the interface. pls contact me at goethean aardvark at gmail dot com, after removing the aardvark from that address. thank you!!

  5. HowieUK

    Mumbai Local Trains Map

    Just came across your map of Mumbai's interior train system Great map and very helpful Thanks Nofylist Howie
  6. HowieUK

    Arambol's Serial Killer ?

    I've been in Arambol all this season, but live on the very edge of the village and don't go in to the centre much except for supplies and the occasional meal. I heard that (2nd hand) there was a bunch of brits in one of the beachside shacks - on the 'K', and were all arguing. Next morning a brit was found dead on the beach near the sea apparently covered in bruises, contusions etc. Official verdict was he drowned? - case closed A friend of mine and his girlfriend were walking along the beach around a month ago in the early morning away from Arambol village and a body was washed up ashore from the sea, arms and legs tied together. Apparently his nationality was Russian. I have no more facts about this one. For me Arambol is no longer the 'laid back' long time stay plaice of people wishing to escape Calangute and Baga, but has become also a short term tourist destination with, has I've reported before, many new huts going and gone up this season. Easy access from the South due to the Siolim bridge has helped this influx. A bridge is also being built across the river estuary near Querim (North of Arambol) into Maharashtra, (alongside the first ferry you come to along the river north of Arambol) that I have been told will be finished this year (Although that looks highly doubtful to me!) The road up to the bridge on the Maharashtra side though, has already been completed. Farewell Arambol - It was nice while it lasted! Howie
  7. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    Great Idea KK! I am heading up to Lancaster (if the canal network is navigable to there, I need to get a good map on the UK canal system once back in the UK) But obviously If it is I will be passing close to Liverpool so a meet up by a canal pub would be good. As for the taxi idea although a good one Leith and IWTGB, I think I would prefer to slog it on foot for a few hours as I guess Mumbai's road system will be pretty manic even in off peak times and I will have had enough of travel by any transport system by then. Thanks for that idea but think I wil stick to original plan
  8. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    City life in Britain is no longer for me! Although I still love Delhi and will be arrivng back there again next season, 10 days at a time is enough nowadays in any City for me. Most people on the canal network still have the time to stand around and chat for a while. Seems the people in most Cities are too busy to even acknowledge each other! (Back to Mumbai) Well, I'm thinking now of picking up my luggage at VT (CST) at about 13.00hrs after wandering around Colaba etc for a while then taking a train to Andheri station and then an autorickshaw to the airport. Looks like I will be spending some time in 'Vinay's' Airport Hotel restaurant.
  9. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    Thank you all, The suggestions were all most kind and I will probably 'use' parts of most of them! I have bought a narrow boat in England (for those of you who don't know we have a large canal network in the UK) and I'm trying out being a 'water gypsy' living and moving around the canals there Looks like I will only be able to spend 3 months in India next season as I don't want to leave the boat unattended for 6 months. When I picked my bike up this season it hadn't been looked after properly (Partly my fault as I didn't grease it all over before it was left under cover) Cost me Rs 8000 to get re-chromed hence the need to sell it before I leave this year. I will lock case at CST (VT) and also take an earlier taxi to the airport (thanks for that suggestion Vinay and Leith) also a few 'tinnies ' at the airport sounds good Thanks everyone once again Regards Howie (John)
  10. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    Yes, I was aware 'VT' was now 'CST' but read in latest guide it was still refered by many as 'VT' or'WEE TEE' as they put it! I know guides are not always acuurate, so apologies for any offence. Thanks for all your kind ideas on what to do. One question not answered though is will I get from CST to the International airport if I set out from the station at 18.00hrs with the need to arrive at airport at 20.00 hrs, also is there a pre-paid taxi area at the train station if not what should the rough price be to the airport? THanks all Howie
  11. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    Great suggesstions friends. I'm staying in 'Gods Gift' in Arambol until abouy 17.00hrs on the 16th of March (although will not stay there again -another story!). Would be nice to meet up with any members until then. Good idea 'cheapish' hotel in centre of Mumbai for the day- may consider it Howie
  12. HowieUK

    12 Hours In Mumbai

    Thanks all, suggestions sound good! Only worry is getting a taxi from 'VT' to international airport if I'm stuck in the centre of the city and leaving et 18.00hrs from the station (major conjestion?} Bike has been sold! Will report more fully on 'Two Wheels' in a day or so. Any more advice welcome!
  13. Hi All. I arrive on the overnight train from Goa to Mumbai at about 06.00 hrs and have 12 hours until I have to take a taxi to the Airport on 18th March heading back to the UK,(are there pre-paid taxis at the train station?) Got a feeling I will be fairly tired so don't really want a whistle stop tour of the city. Last time I visited was 1986 so guess I can expect a slight change? Any ideas of spending a fairly quiet day in a vast city? Guess there is somewhere to leave my luggage at 'VT'? A friend suggested going straight to a hotel near the airport and relaxing for the day, but this seems unjustly expensive as I will not be staying overnight. Suggestions much appreciated. Howie
  14. HowieUK


    I can concur that Deepak went slightly off the rails towards the end of the season last year and went on the occasional 'bender'. Mind you working a minimun of seventeen hours per day for seven days a week, and being treated like a slave rather that a Nepalese Chef (who are mainly thought of throughout the region as the best cooks) may have something to do with this. I stayed at GG until mid April last year so also know the situations that occured. Deepak had to wait for his wages for a couple of weeks again last year, and with a wife and two children to support in Nepal obviously caused him some concern and depression. Ruby is the matriarch at GG but it is her husband I am afraid that has the last word on accommodation. Enough of GG anyway I won't be staying again! Howie
  15. HowieUK


    The Restaurant's name I have been enfusing about is called 'Ocean Breeze' As I said earlier it's next to the Blue pyramid's restaurant going away from Arambol town. The Blue pyramids are not to be confused with the'Pyramids' that was on the beach nearer to Arambol centre last year that has not been built this year. I am not entirely unbiased in my praise of Ocean Breeze as a European friend of mine is 'helping' out with menu's etc and is to be found on the front desk 'helping' to take orders, he is a popular guy and cannot do enough to offer constructive advice. Deepak is head chef in the kitchen. This is the only season they will be working there, as they intend opening up in Querim beach next season, huts and a restaurant. I have a feeling I will be staying there (a lot quieter than Arambol) but only twenty minutes away from Arambol by scooter. Incidentally although there doesn't seem to be much free accomadation at the moment in Arambol, a lo of the bars are quite empty. I was in Baga visiting a friend a couple of weeks ago and numbers of tourists seemed well down there too. I will keep you updated if any more info comes to light. I went to see Prem Joshua the other night in Vagator. Brilliant night they were fantastic but of course had to finish playing at 10pm Could this have anything to do with a drop in tourists? If they are simply trying to put off 'long termers' I'm not too sure Package tourists want music stopped at 10pm and not all package tourists want to go to nightclubs. Howie