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  1. Welcome to the forums dzibead :)

  2. dzibead


    Here's the Facebook Group: The India Tree Redux When you find the Group over there, post a request to join (and include your India Tree screen name because I've set it up so you need the Administrator's (me) OK to join, although I'll probably grant requests from total newcomers, too, unless I recognize them as known trolls! )
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    A lot of us here have had the same feelings, gianni, but keeping the site going has been a lot of work for John and Malc and they now have different priorities in their lives. I'm going to start a Facebook group that can be joined by any Tree "alumni" who want to stay in touch. It will be very free form and more like an opportunity to "chat" and stay in touch than a full-blown forum with discussion threads and such, and it will mean that you have to be on Facebook (which is free), but it will be a way to keep the "family and friends" feeling alive. I'll post something here when it's set up, which will be soon.
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    Shout Box

    Yes, a sad end, Somerset. Some of us are members at Facebook and I'm thinking of starting a group over there for people from the Tree who want a way to keep in touch.
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    Varanasi 360° Vr Tour

    Wonderfully evocative, as always!
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    Happy Birthday To You!

    [size=4][color="#ff0000"]Happy birthday, jyoti![/color][/size]
  7. Thanks for that report!
  8. dzibead

    Happy Birthday To You!

    [size=4][color="#0000ff"]A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from me, too, Jyoti![/color][/size]
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    Shout Box

    Thanks for the pics, Conor. What a trip!
  10. dzibead

    Happy Birthday To You!

    [size=4][color="#0000ff"]Happy birthday, Somerset! [/color][/size]
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    Shout Box

    Shabash, Jyoti! Happy New Year!
  12. dzibead

    A Glimpse Of 2010

    Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous new year. Big congratulations are in order for iwtgb and Jyoti Da - two milestones reached. And, vandy, congratulations on your new house; I hope your wife is continuing to do well. A possible relocation for Hyderabadi!?! Intriguing! Anywhere west of the Rockies, by chance???
  13. dzibead

    I Was Robbed Yesterday....

    What a story! I'm glad you got your photos back, and as you say, the other stuff is replaceable (even though it's a drag).
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    Happy Birthday To You!

    [size=4][color="#0000ff"]Happy birthday, priyal![/color][/size]
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    Shout Box

    Thank you, Jyoti. Merry Christmas to all, and may the New Year be better than the last!