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  1. jyotirmoy

    China Doll

    Last weekend we went to this new restaurant China Doll in South Extension, Delhi. I had been reading about this restaurant and also hearing raving reviews of the food at this eatery. This is one Chinese restaurant that focuses on Hunan style of cooking. The food is prepared by a band of talented chefs from China who unfortunately don't understand English. The highlight of our lunch was water boiled chicken, water boiled fish. Although the name is water boiled I don't think the chicken or the fish has seen even a drop of water while being cooked, it’s oil all the way, along with plenty of chillies. That's Hunan style I guess. Another wonderful dish we had was dry pot squids. Apart from great meat & fish items this restaurant scores very high on vegetarina dishes. The crispy spinach is simply wonderful. The super thin rice noodles was simply awsome & Steamed eggplant with garlic sauce was excellent. We will certainly go back soon.
  2. jyotirmoy

    Times food guide 2013

    Congrats Suresh bhai
  3. jyotirmoy

    Mahesh Lunch Home wows Bangaloreans now

    So Majestic's Fish land has serious competetion. I will surely try Mahesh Lunch home when I visit Bangalore next.
  4. jyotirmoy

    Durga Pooja festival in Bangalore

    Shall we then proceed to this Goan eatery after our next meetup?
  5. jyotirmoy

    Durga Pooja festival in Bangalore

    What is the name of this Goan restaurant? Is it the same mom & dad place that used to operate from C.R. Park in Delhi?
  6. The German Beer Factory at Ambience mall in Gurgaon has some great beers and it is one place where the food is equally great.
  7. jyotirmoy

    Durga Pooja festival in Bangalore

    [i]"Mocha" is something that has practically disappeared from home kitchens these days. Young housewives these days don't want to labour so much in picking the florets and hate to have the blackish mark on the hands. Now I eat my "mocha" preparations at Bengali restaurants. The stalls in the markets of Chittaranjan park in Delhi sell "mochar chop"[/i] [i]As Raunak bhai has pointed out restaurants/eateries serving regional cusines have mushroomed in every city. The other day I found a Bengali restaurant very close to where I live and at a Puja pandal next to my house I saw the advertisement of a new Bengali restaurant Bong Connection which is scheduled to open soon.[/i] [i]I also find that Naga cuisine is being lapped up by the Naga expats as well as north Indian gourmands. It started with the restaurants in Dilli Haat but now such restaurants are coming up elsewhere too.[/i] [i]The new Goa Niwas in Chanakyapuri has a very good restaurant now. I think it is the only place in Delhi that serves "Bombil" Rava fry.[/i]
  8. jyotirmoy

    Sana-di-Ge - Great seafood experience at Bangalore

    Where is this restaurant located?
  9. jyotirmoy

    It's Lunchtime !!!

    Vandy bro, these are Luchis not puris
  10. jyotirmoy

    Oktoberfest at the Sheraton Bangalore

    What value for money! Delhi is looter's capital.
  11. jyotirmoy


    Dosa junction is a chain that has started opening outlets in Delhi and they serve those crazy dosas like shown in the photo posted by Suresh bhai.
  12. jyotirmoy

    Doi Mach

    The "prosadi" meat curry without onions and garlic actually taste awsome with Hing flavouring.
  13. jyotirmoy

    Ramzan and Eid

    The new abbatoir is in Ghazipur in east Delhi and adjacent to it is the wholesale fish market. I googled for Khao Galli and found one such place at Ground Floor Cyber Towers, Janakpuri. Is this the one you referred Anil bhai?
  14. jyotirmoy

    Magnolia Icecream

    Mocambo still exists and I try to have one meal there when ever I visit Kolkata. The mixed grill is my favourite at Mocambo.
  15. jyotirmoy

    Ramzan and Eid

    Khao Gali in Janakpuri? Got to look that up....I live not far from Janakpuri. Thanks Anil bhai.