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  1. Sekhar

    My HK - Mongolia trip

    Fantastic, Srini garu! A foodie travelogue!
  2. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Weekly staple. Rib ends & spicy bbq sauce and southern mustard sauce:  
  3. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Started off with dalitoy and ended up with Pappu Annam (daal & rice). Delicious anyway:
  4. Sekhar

    Biryanis and Pulaos

    Fantastic! Cooked on indirect heat, first few minutes at high and then medium? The onion frying technique is a keeper.
  5. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Kothmir, Pudina and Green Chilli mutton:    
  6. Sekhar

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks, Termz & Chetan!  And belated happy birthday, Chetan!
  7. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Thanks, Suresh! Yes, plenty of onions - fried & ground into rough paste. (...and I couldn't resist adding just a bit of extra red chilli powder, of course. )
  8. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Mutton Daalcha, a house special and Mutton Curry (generic):      
  9. Sekhar

    Kashmiri wazwan at The Hyatt Bangalore

    You surely mean " at nalli point" ?  
  10. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Paaya, slow cooked for over 6 hours - recipe adapted to slow cooker/crock pot. With store bought naan slow heated to almost crispy.    
  11. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

      From the same page:
  12. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    Somewhat. The ground beef stuffing is very mild and the mashed potato is light as a cloud with a very thin crispy skin.  How it stays together and defies gravity is a mystery to me.    Here's a wider angle picture to give you an idea of it's size.    Thos are not grill marks, it was sitting under the heating lamp - we got one that was already made and once I tasted it I ordered a couple more that they made fresh.
  13. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    First taste of Cuban food in a family owned and run restaurant in Tampa, Florida: Latin Corner café: White Bean Soup: Papas Rellenas (Potato Balls) - Crispy on the outside, creamy soft inside with a burst of beefy flavor. Absolutely amazing. Inside: Empanada, chicken: Cuban Sandwich: With this, I am re-convinced that restaurants such as this are truly better than McJunk and the 5*, . The bill, for three of us came to about $30. Including the best ever fresh ground fresh brewed coffee in recent times (café Con Leche). Here's their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Latin-Corner-café-Tampa/272086999637942?ref=stream
  14. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

    The best Chinese BBQ, in a long time:   Sky BBQ, Atlanta:     Roast Duck:   Honey BBQ Pork & Crispy Skin Pork:
  15. Sekhar

    Food Photo blog II

      Yet to use it properly. I picked up the paste at the suggestion of the waitress. This paste she said was specially good with dry anchovies, there were other varieties as well.   From the little I've  tasted so far it's got a nice bite of ripe (not dry) red chillies, tomatoes and has a faint 'aroma' of dry anchovies.    I plan to stir fry the anchovies and add a bit of the paste towards the end.  I tasted some similarly made anchovies at the restaurant, it also had peanuts.