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  1. rockstar

    Indifusion by mona hinduja

    Food ... comfort food... good food ... Here are some pictures photographed by me... enjoy...
  2. rockstar

    Go juicy ...

    Juicing can be fun, healthy, detoxing... A variety of juices sometimes can reverse a health concern too...
  3. rockstar

    MTR Bangalore

    I have some good memories of eating at Mtr breakfast or lunch...everytime I think about the mouth watering food...I salivate ...I don't think any place could match what they offer...it's one of may favourites ...
  4. rockstar

    Sandalwood and Jasmine sharbat

    I love it ...It has a very cooling effect...:)
  5. rockstar


    Hi I have tried paneer sauted with tumeric, pepper, salt, red chillies also u cld add some garlic sauted with capsicum is a great starter.
  6. my mouths watering to try the chocolate ....!!! nice pixs...!!!
  7. rockstar

    Exotic fruits and vegetables

    those fruits look exotic do u get them in Mumbai n where???
  8. rockstar


    That dosai is mouth watering I want it for breakfast now..... Mumbai meeting????