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  1. Amarnath

    Goalondo Steamer Chicken

    http://www.withaspin.com/2014/06/04/rustic-3-step-bangladeshi-chicken-curry/     this might help.
  2. Amarnath

    murg kali mirch

    A recipe I use for Murgh Kali Mirch:      Add 1 tbs oil into a heated wok. add 1 small onion ground. Fry till pink. Add 1 kg chicken, cut into sixteen pieces, salt and 1 tbs gg paste. Fry for some time. Cover . Fry. Cover.Fry, uncovering and then covering for around 10 mins, till juices dry up. Add 1/2 cup curd. Add green chillies chopped, at least 10. Add 2 tbs black pepper, freshly crushed coarse. Add the rest of the oil, 4 tbsps. Fry  till the juices dry up. Add 1 tbs kali mirch, freshly crushed coarse, with some chopped coriander, and keep covered  on dum for 8-10 mins, stirring for time to time. Serve immediately.
  3. は すぐ 寝ていますよ。世界の みんな様、お休みなさい。

  4. Amarnath


    Biryanis are the pride of many an Indian feast. Source
  5. is reaching out to someone very soon......sooo excited...

  6. Amarnath

    Kothmir ka Kheema

    Kothmir translates to corinader in English. I do not know abou the exact origins of this word. Though, all I know is just a smattering of Urdu, I think it has more of a Dravidian origin, than an Urdu- Persian one. Kheema is mince. This dish , as all other kheema dishes, is made best with lamb mince, but turns out acceptable if you decide to use chicken mince. I don't eat beef, but you could go right ahead and use beef mince too. Typically Hyderabadi spices go into the making, including browned onions, ginger, garlic and turmeric and red chilli powders. The other main ingredient, fresh coriander, is common to so many other Indian dishes. But, what might set eyes rolling, is my observation of how kheema never teams up with the ubiquitous pea, as in more generic varieties of Indian kheema dishes. In Hyderabad, kheema is cooked up in a variety of ways, but seldom with peas or tomatoes. One might add these in a Hyderabadi house, to keep in step with the changing times. Also, as far as I am concerned, kheema dishes should have no unappetizing watery look to it. Source
  7. apnay tamaam yaaron ko Eid-Ul-Adha ki badhaiyaan detay huay ummeed karte hain ki woh apni zindagion mein tarakki aur kaamyaabi haasil karein....

  8. koi bhi phukat cheeze . --nakko-- nakko bolo

  9. Amarnath

    Arhar ki dal

    Dal. Lentils. Pulses. Legumes. This Hyderabadi staple is a must for baghara khana. Best served piping hot, lentils are had with steaming white rice, or with rotis. But to limit the Hyderabadi to something as mundane as rice and roti is unimaginable. Keeping in step with their innovative ways, dals have been incorporated into kheemas, into biryanis, and into mutton curries. This was my very first time to make a Hyderabadi dal. I settled on this recipe from Pratibha Karan's book, as it seemed relatively easy to make, requiring just dried red chillies as the baghar agents. But, here red chillies are added in two different ways, being added to the dal during its boiling, and then, as a baghar. Eight red chilles are ground up with a pod of garlic, and added to the water in which the lentils are being done. This lends a lovely fiery, garlicky flavor to the dal. I prefer to have dals of a thickish consistency, and will use only as much water as is required to make them al dente. Most dals in Hyderabad are tempered using ghee. Try this dal if you will. Ingredients 250g red gram lentils, washed 1 pod of garlic 16 dried red chillies 1/4 cup ghee salt to taste Method 1) Grind together the 8 dried red chillies and the garlic, using a T of water from the disparate cup of water. 2) In a heavy bottomed pan, bring 3 cups of water to the boil.Add salt, and the washed lentils. Bring it back to the boil, add the ground garlic and red chilles, and simmer covered for40 mins. Check occasionally for doneness. Keep the boiled lentils aside. 3) In a frying pan, heat the ghee. When hot, use a pair of scissors to chop the dried red chillies into the hot ghee, seeds and all. When the chillies darken, pour the baghar over the boiled lentils, and cover immediately. Simmer covered for 10 mins. Serve hot. 3) Source
  10. oooh! Saw 7 in 3D. This Saturday.

  11. Happy Dussehra, people...

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      Happy Dussehra to u too

  12. Happy Ashtami. Who' s had bhog? Chip in with a comment, please.

  13. Shubho Saptami.....(Sorry H lovers, I was itching to add my usual, unnecessary abundance of the letter H, but I thought against tainting such a festive and sacred 7th day of Durga Puja)