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  1. cyberhippie

    Varanasi 360° Vr Tour

    Cameleer, Gandhi Ji was creamted ar Raj Ghat In Delhi not in Varanasi..............
  2. cyberhippie

    Delhi Meet Up

    Just spoke to Delhiwallah he will be attending, shashank has agreed in principle, KABAARY too and another buddy WWFranger, so Volgas at what time??
  3. cyberhippie

    Delhi Meet Up

    Jyoti what's a good time to get things underway at Karim's, early mid evening???? KABAARY will be attending I've spoken to him, hopefully Delhiwallah and Shashank too still waiting to hear from them, shall we say the 7th March, 19.30 at Karims restaurant.
  4. cyberhippie

    Delhi Meet Up

    YOU are the epitomy of "COOL" Jyoti Da LOL
  5. cyberhippie

    Delhi Meet Up

    Hi folks, anyone in Delhi between the 6th & 8th March fancy a bite to eat and a few beers, hopefully there will be a few cool guys for Delhi and surrounds attending and these nights are generally quite good.. Feel free to attend. Venue and date yet to be announced. Most probably at Karim's
  6. cyberhippie

    Pune : German Bakery Bombed

    A popular tourist institution in Pune was the subject, of what seems from first reports, a terrorist IED (bomb) attack. "The German Bakery" is an old old tourist restaurant in Pune, and this bombing worryingly asks questions of, a deliberate plot to target foreign nationals or tourists. Obviously care is needed in the city right now, but the police are acting swiftly to contain other possible threats. My heartfelt sorrow to all those families involved.
  7. cyberhippie

    A Soft Landing In Delhi

    There are now a lot of homestays in Delhi Leith, google for them, or Incredible India website has a list.
  8. cyberhippie

    Dayar Bugiyal-dodital Trek-uttarkashi

    Wonderful post, just what travel forums should be about. I trust there are some great photos out there somewhere, hin hint ;-)
  9. Thought this might be of interest to both regulars and new visitors alike. here's the link for signing up http://www.ektaramusic.com/bullah-khusrau.html
  10. cyberhippie

    Top Ten Must Do's In Mumbai

    There's one just next to rythm house!!!
  11. cyberhippie

    Happy Birthday To You!

    [color="#800080"][size=5]Hope you had a good one Somerset, Happy Birthday Jyoti Da[/size][/color]
  12. cyberhippie

    Top Ten Must Do's In Mumbai

    Shop for DVDs in the Rythm House. Eat at the Bagdadhi a beer in the Sports Bar
  13. cyberhippie

    Integrated Terminal

    Yeah but you will need to remember when the metro closes and escape "the session" on time LOL.
  14. cyberhippie

    Fog Again

    You don't like fog do you jyoti da ;)
  15. cyberhippie

    A Glimpse Of 2010

    Congratulations IWTGB on finding a full time job you love, I hope it stays that way and that you get plenty annual leave to go visit India. Now go pat yourself on the back again, you deserve it, completeing your studies with distinction and bringing up a family is no mean feat. Well done Jyoti Da what a prospect, all that free time! For some, who've made work their life, the prospect of retirment comes as a shock to the system, thoughts of "what am I going to do to fill my time" are paramount in the mind. But you have so many interests and friends I doubt if that will be a problem for you. Then there's all those films to watch............... My father retired 4 years ago, he retired in May at 58 years old, on completing his first summer as a pensioner, he commented that it had been the best summer he had had since leaving school, it was onwards and upwards from there. He has no idea where he found the time to work, he keeps himself busy studying for a mathematics degree, gardening, jogging and doing marathon walks like this one a 43 mile day trip to Cape Wrath Vandy glad to hear the missus is well and back to her old self. I hope you both enjoy your new home. Hyderbadi, all the best for 2010, I hope things get better in USA and that translates into more secure times for you and family. 2009 was a tight year for us too, flowerbulbs took a financial pounding due to the strong Euro and the financial downturn. We are both on short time for the forseeable future, meaning I'm working for 6 months a year instead of 9 months. Ho hum, every cloud has a silver lining of course, and you can all guess what we'll do with the extra time this affords us. We've already had a month in Gujarat and come Feruary we are heading to Goa for two months, chilling on the beach at Patnem with a couple of side trips to Dandeli and Madekeri. After which, it's back home to the 'home sod" for a few weeks with my folks in Sutherland, Scotland. Life goes on!!! We treated ourselves for Christmas and bought a Bluray home entertainment system and a BIG HD television. WOW, we watched the BBC series about Yellowstone National Park on Bluray disc it was incredible, the picture quality superb and 5.1 surround. Have any of you visited this amazing park?? I would love to go. I got Mrs Cyber a disc about wolves in the same park (she is facinated by wolves), this time filmed in Imax HD, should be lovely to watch, unfortunately the brains of Britain here blew up the Bluray player (during a firmware update) and it's now back in the shop for repairs, what a numpty. We were so looking forward to watching movies and as the thing is hooked up to the internet watching all our fav music videos on youtube (Viera link) The new years celebration here in The Netherlands was the usual cacophany of sound and light as a few billion Euros worth of fireworks went off at 12 o'clock. It's been a cold winter and the wind to quote my mother "would cut the legs fae under ye" at times. Going to work on a scooter has been "exciting" So to all tree dwellers I hope 2010 is good to you, and this global mess we find ourselves in is soon just an unpleasant memory.