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    Hi from a newbie

    Hi guys I am a beer lover and recently started a trip towards whiskey temple. bought a couple of following to start the journey Glenlivet 12 YO Glendidich 15 YO Ballantines finest 100 pipers 12YO Golfers shot ( I am surprised it tasted very good) VAT 69 Chivas Regal 12YO teachers 50 in past I have tried black label, red label, teachers highland, 100 pipers, blenders pride, Rockford etc what I failed to understand is that Indian whiskies like Rockford, golfershot, blenders pride etc taste quite good compared to their price then why is their so much craze about single malts? I tried the glenlivet and found it to be a little less burning in the throat, and a good after taste but still not sure what the main fuss is about . hope to learn more about whiskey! Apart from whiskey I love old monk supreme and red wines