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    Cooking without fire

    Hi, I wanted an actual recipe..
  2. Prajwal Kumar

    Cooking without fire

    Hi there, I believe there r many good chefs here. And I have a competition coming up. So I am asking you for help. So please suggest the best possible Cooking without fire/heat recipe I can make within one and a half hour. The rules of the competition r as below. General Rules · This is a ‘Cook without Fire’ competition. Cooking and food preparation electronic gadgets are not permitted. · There are no restrictions on cuisine. · Each team will be allowed 90 minutes (1.5 Hour) · A maximum of 2 dishes will be permitted per team. Vegetables – · All ‘miseen place’ or preparation – chopping, cutting, slicing, grating, etc. should be done during the competition. · If the main dish requires some ingredient to be cooked, it is permissible to do that at home as long as the ingredient is not the main component of the dish. E.g.: boiled potatoes for a veg. club sandwich is permitted; boiled potatoes for a potato salad is not allowed. Poultry and Meat – · All cold cuts that do not require cooking are permitted. Cold cuts like salami and ham are allowed. Sausages are not allowed as they require cooking · Luncheon and canned meat that do not require cooking are permitted. · Other poultry and meat items that require cooking are not permitted. Eggs – · Boiled eggs can be permitted if it is not the main ingredient of the dish. E.g.: Boiled eggs for egg salad or egg curry are not permitted; Boiled eggs for a Russian or Caesar salad are permitted. Sauces – · All sauces need to be prepared during the competition. · Bottles/canned sauces are not permitted. Readymade Mayonnaise not allowed. Bread – · All forms of non-flavored bread are permitted.