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    modern Indian cuisine

    Absolutely loved this article Suresh ji.so agree ,that we are a long way away in terms of presentation and flavour experimentation.When I was in India,I was tired and literally cried with the thought of same flavour every.single.day ; every .single.meal . When the chinese & the japanese could adapt our curry to their palate ,why can't we do that the same. why can't we take a risk and try fusing our flavours,after all our cuisine is so varied due to the influence of different rules/rulers:mughals,persian,iranian,portuguese,oh even africana influence......it's endless really. I recently watched a clip of a young restaurant owner,in NYC trying to experiment b/t Indian and mexican food,she is half mexican BTW. Fusion should be the new spice in Indian food industry. And,our chefs can definitely try to present our food more elegantly .we had the thali style,tiffin style ,then came the sauces being served in froths [ whihc was ugly and really unpalatable].Gone are the days ,when we made one pot dishes and served in one big blob.these days people want something different ,something more appealing to their eyes,maybe a pleasurable experience to all the senses. Pricing;- I think we are very traumatised by the nearly crumbling British Raj ,which has left us with deep Scars.Our parents nd grandparents,possibly great grandparents, believed that spending on an experience is a waste of our hard earned money.truly so. Times are changing,and we do see Indians dining out purely for an experience.That kind of experience dining could be a high end dining.but Sharing and offering 2 for 1 price should be allowed too.After all these customers tend come back again and again,whihc is a boost to ones business either ways. I really hope,with the kind of cuisine as ours ,our chefs become more creative .I think ,this is the only industry where one needs jsut the right blend of creativity and a scientific approach.


    HI, I m Shraddha here.bumped into this site looking for the ''type of clay'' to make seegri/half tandoor.I m going to use an old,cleaned incinerator for this. can anyone guide me plz.thnk