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  1. hawelicanada


    Just made this dish for the first time. I am regular in doing Indian food. I was really happy with the result and I added some kesri powder in it. Indian Cuisine
  2. hawelicanada

    Dosa variation

    Butter Dosa is actually a treat to the eyes and taste buds. Its crisp brown-red color and rich divine taste gives you the feeling of enjoying royal food at home.
  3. hawelicanada

    10 Handy Tips To Make Perfect Biryani

    My family loves eating rice. I often make rice dishes like vegetable pulav, tomato rice, coconut rice or simple fried rice for lunch. I do accompany them with pickles, papads and raita.
  4. hawelicanada

    Veg Forever

    However, eating vegetables gives you plenty of health benefits, and findings of latest studies also corroborate the theory.
  5. hawelicanada

    Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

    Just tried this recipe and the flavours are amazing. Well worth the effort.
  6. Palak is rich in iron and chana dal is highly nutritious and equally rich in proteins, calcium, iron and B vitamins. It is a healthy Indian curry which goes well with rice and chapathis.
  7. hawelicanada

    modern Indian cuisine

    Our food has to adapt to modern times if we are to become one of the top cuisines in the World, while being honest to its legacy and roots.