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  1. Custard Jelly Cups is a light dessert recipe with jelly crystals and custard powder that tastes amazing. Layered custard and jelly is cool and refreshing.
  2. Kodi Vepudu or Andhra Chicken Fry is a wonderful chicken recipe, infused with traditional Andhra flavours. The detectable fried chicken is pure comfort-food and pairs well with plain rice or chapathis.
  3. Nuvvula Annam or Andhra Sesame rice is a nice change from regular rice. Sesame seeds give a delightful crunch and a distinctive flavour to rice.
  4. Palak Chana Dal with lentils and spinach is a healthy, thick and satisfying dal. The hearty and comforting spinach lentils is simple fare, easy to prepare and best served over Basmati rice.
  5. Khichdi kebabs or rice and lentil patties made with leftover khichdi is an amazing dish, so flavourful and tasty. Tasty tikkis made with mashed khichuri, spices and gram flour is so nutritious.
  6. Kasundi Maach or fish simmered in a thick, tangy mustard sauce is indeed mouth-watering. This traditional Bengali fish kasundi recipe is tasty, healthy and quick.
  7. Sattu Paratha is a yummy, tangy paratha that will tantalize your taste buds. Bihari Sattu ka Paratha is an Indian bread stuffed with spiced sattu mixture.
  8. Papaya Thoran made with grated green papaya is a classic Kerala side dish. Bring a tropical flavour to your meal with this easy Kappalanga/Omakka Thoran.
  9. Paneer Stir Fry with Indian cottage Cheese and veggies is a quick and wholesome meal. Stir Fry paneer and veggies in a blend of sauces is totally appetizing
  10. Bokful Bhaja made with delicate white agathi flowers are a Bengali delicacy. Batter fried Bok phool fritters are easy to make and can be quickly whipped up.
  11. Til Laddu is a wonderful treat made with raw sesame seeds and jaggery. This delicious nutty decadence is easy and quick to make and Oh, so addictive!
  12. Lau Bori is a lightly seasoned bottle gourd curry with fried lentil dumplings. Bori diye lau is a quick and tasty niramish Bengali side dish recipe.
  13. Bengali Dimer Chop is a savory snack of boiled eggs wrapped in a potato mixture and fried. Indian Egg Chop recipe with mashed potatoes is unique to Kolkata.
  14. Chole Pulao with chickpeas and rice is a fragrant and delicious vegetarian rice recipe. Nutriously filling One Pot Kabuli Chana Pulao is a cinch to make.
  15. Aratikaya cutlet made with mashed green plantains and spices taste amazing. Pan-fried plantain cutlets are easy to prepare and they make a delicious addition to just about any meal.