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  1. Jim youve been missing !

  2. jim

    Food Photo Blog

    Ha! Sometimes tastelessness here can even be prized as "subtlety." When that succeeds, I love it. But for the average meal, I prefer flavor. I know what you mean. Enjoy your stay. (My friends rave about Burma Superstar in SF, by the way, though I've never been myself.) --jim
  3. jim

    This site

    Sadie's a sweety! How was she involved, howsoever, with the Blue Cross in HYD? My three dogs all came from the (Oregon) Humane Society, too. Best way to adopt a pet, I think. --jim
  4. jim

    Food Photo Blog

    Man, I've been away for awhile and catching up here has been DEE-LICIOUS. Sekhar, Suresh, Saucy--your food is looking terrific. I'm squishing you together but I really mean that. Yum! Sekhar, details on the meat pickles, please? Suresh, how'd you dress that boiled peanut salad? (Other than with GLL, that is ?) Saucy, am I detecting a detour from Chinese? It can't be. Veena, if I'm not intruding, whither from Bangalore do you venture? Please forgive my snoopiness, and ignore if too so. I've been busy going back into a little Americana lately, sprucing up our menu, hope to have some new additions to our offerings in a month or so. I've learned a new phrase in the meantime: "Biscuit Poisoning." (Biscuits in America aren't sweet ((which we call cookies to be extra clear)) they're more like savory scones, if that helps.) Means heart disease, read funny, part of the landscape of cholesterol. So far I'm safe, but I've been eating a lot of old fashioned gravy lately. --jim
  5. jim

    What s on the table?

    Desktopped that photo. --jim
  6. jim

    Kitchen equipment

    This photo is entirely too clean. Please post a photo of the grinder properly caked with herbs and spices. (And like Bague said!) The grooves on the grinder remind me of a suribachi. The grooves on the slab remind me to turn over unsuspicious stones. (What? I missed the underbelly?! Are they functional, or merely decorative?) --jim
  7. jim

    Hurricane tour of UP

    Anil, I haven't yet reported anything about Lucknow on my blog I'm afraid. (Didn't go to Varanasi.) Aside from Suresh's tips, my number one rec is just "Dastarkhwan", a restaurant (actually 2 spaces) up in the center of town. I thought their kebabs were amazing, better than Tundeys. I can't vouch for anything else, though. I really enjoyed random grazing in Aminabad. --jim
  8. jim

    What s on the table?

    Suresh, You don't know how happy it will make me to eventually see a snapshot of those burgeoning saplings. Maybe even bearing fruit!? In the meantime, it's nice to know you're cooking with the leaves. I thought the limes were spectacular, too. I think right now we're entering into market season for some other limes which Gautam wanted me to taste, and which I never did: the kagzi nebu (I think they're called.) I should write my friend in Kolkata and see if he'll find some and take us a photo. He's the sort of nice guy who would do that for us, unless anybody here is already into it. --jim
  9. jim

    This site

    I'm loving the new look and feel. My PMs aren't sending, though, I don't think?? --jim
  10. jim

    What s on the table?

    Aha. Now I can picture the dish. Bam! Bam Bam Bam! --jim (PS, can Sekhar and others, maybe, give us their thoughts on gunpowder? Isn't it sometimes a dry, powdery chutney made from roasted chana? How many variations must there be?)
  11. jim

    What s on the table?

    My imagination suffices except for the gunpowder tadka. What was it like? --jim
  12. jim

    Restaurant News

    Interesting read, Suresh. Thanks for sharing. Someday I hope I will be able to reconcile my need for money with my joy in cooking. ??? --jim
  13. jim

    Biryanis and Pulaos

    Wow, Phodni, if I had more than a casual interest in biriyani I'd be tugging at your shirtsleeves.  Thanks for the photos! --jim
  14. jim

    Biryanis and Pulaos

    Phodni, I would love to hear your suggestions for places to eat biriyani in Lucknow. I'm afraid I don't have any imminent plans for another visit, but it would be nice if the destinations were put down for others. The biriyani I did eat in Lucknow was from Dastarkwhan, my memory is hazy, but I want to say near Regal Cinema? I didn't especially enjoy it, so I would love to hear your reaction. (Hopefully these aren't fighting words! ) To me, it seemed a little bland. I'll eventually have a photo on my blogthing. Do write back and keep us posted on how your latest effort goes. Hey! And thanks for the nice words about that gulnaar kebab. Obviously, I was just following a recipe, but still, nice to hear. --jim
  15. jim

    Biryanis and Pulaos

    Phodni, I think I can honestly say I've eaten top-notch (by my estimate) biriyani only twice in my life (both times in Hyderabad).  Floral aromatics didn't seem to play a part in them.  (??)  So consider that as a qualification while you read my response.  There are excellent cooks here, but none hail from the city of your youth, I don't think.   One aromatic you don't mention is vetiver root.  I'm not sure it's used in Avadhi cuisine at all, just an outlandish guess.  Try it and see.  As an experimentalist, I would source essential oils, 'waters', and fresh leaves and flowers this way to see what works.  If you give me a heads up, I can give you a good cyberlink to 'probably-safe' vetiver oil for cooking. Where did you eat this Lucknowi chow as a kid?  I visited recently and was limited to restaurants.  I didn't try a biriyani (at least) that seemed too special. Would you be willing to post an overview of your current technique? --jim