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  1. anil


    What a generous offer. Guess what happens on Happy Wednersdays ? Gals pick up the bar tab that runs into hundreds. A Hell's Kitchen bar with 48 beers on draft.
  2. anil


    An expat run mexican style bar in the pacific islands. Satisfying the thirst for Coronas and Modelos. Now another bar, this in the caribbean island, where one can hangout for hours sipping a beer and snacking on tapas. Poolside swimup bar in the Dutch island in the caribbean.
  3. It is made of jaggery. Not as good as sticky rice.
  4. anil

    London & England

    I forgot, infact the many I have for Londres and surroundings, are unpublishable for obvious reasons of protecting one's drunken state of identity, One during the World Cup Rugby 2015 A neighborhood bar And the Camden Yards ? I forget where - Tell's you about my state of mind - The first half-decent bartender
  5. anil


    Bars come and bars go. Some are a fad, and some, here to stay. Here is one, called Jolly Monk, that is a newcomer to Hell's Kitchen.
  6. anil


    A couple of bars from Rivera Maya/Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  7. Contratulations Suresh for yet another edition ! Bigger here, is indeed better
  8. anil


    In the early summer, I spent some time in my favorite Eurozone country - Eireann - The Green Emerald. So what do you do in Ireland. Sit in the bar, drink; and Ofcourse eat at the bar too. Much better service than at the table, and the bartenders tend to be good conversationalists - Specially if they find an Indian O'neill How much do the Irish drink ? Well this is the scene early morning on Saturday outside a typical (non student) pub. Mind you, Ireland does not have many draft beers, and even then they have beers that are not really micro, or craft beer. But good they are till the last gulp. And finally something other than beer to have ? Wine on Tap ? And some South African Cider. This was the summer, I avoided Dublin. I was in County Cork and County Clare, and County and Limerick. I was half seriously cottage hunting. Irish pubs have a gestalt. The pubness is defined by the irish coziness. You cannot recreate one in Berlin, or Cairo or Singapore without having the Irish soul behind the bar, and them friendly irish redhead lasses. Chinese taught us that anything can be replicated cheaply and mass produced, but no soul ! Some of these places were open for business when the English had not even set their eyes on Asia, let alone colonize. A couple of guys in the bar, and a bartender and a sweet waitkeep around, and hours fly by and so do pints of beer.
  9. Grilled meats, fried street food and other snacks dot every local market (mostly weekly) throughout Burma. If one is farther away from the river and its tributaries, one sees more of meats, and less of local fish. Some of the snacks are banal like samosa, and some exotic. BBQ offals from pigs and chicken. The Indian samosa, more like the singhara one finds in Bengal. Bamboo sticky rice. Ants, glorious red ants. Sour and tangy. Many ways to eat them. How about crispy onions, green mint, roasted garlic and ants, all ground in a mortar and pastle ?
  10. In Rangoon and Mandalay, there is a large Indian population from the era that predates the Raj. Mostly, the groups are divided along linguistic and religious lines. But, its all there The Dosas, Idlis and the puries. The potato bondas, freshly made from the fryer right in the open. The dosa made like back in deshland with extra curries. The samber was sweetish and had a guju touch to it. The idlis made fresh at the night market - It is a popular staple - Served in a plastic bag with chutney poured in... [TBC]
  11. Ever since the first episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” broadcast Burma a.k.a Myanmar, I had my heart set on going there. It was matter of occasion and opportunity. So it came, and so I went. Given that Burma (I shall use it rather than the relatively new Myanmar ) borders three very powerful and distinct culinary powerhouses (Indian, Chinese and Thai) one would assume that it would, like Malaysia, have a cuisine to match. Alas, Tony aside, I was underwhelmed by what I saw, and tasted. Each weekend, I explored a region/state and deviated from the weekday staples that one sees in business/conference hotels - A mix of international fare. So without any more Op-Ed here goes…. [TBC...] Fish, the glorious fish. Given that irrawaddy river is the main lifeline and food sustaining river, river fish becomes the mainstay in all major centers. From Rangoon to Bagan to Shan state, fish is king, queen and everything inbetween. Whole fish cooked in fresh local vegetables and tomato broth. I have never seen cauliflower used in cooking meat or fish, nor have I see carrots too. But in Burma, it is common. Sour fish cooked in tamarind juice and seasonal vegetables. Fish in Garlic Ginger - This from the influence of the neighboring Chinese Meat, in this case pork, cooked in Onion, tomato carrot and cauliflower. Burma being a rice producing and eating country, bread and wheat based staple are left to Indian ethnic population and cater to tourist population. [TBC]
  12. anil

    My HK - Mongolia trip

    Srini - Very cool report. Thanks for sharing.
  13. anil

    Javelina - Pete Wells NYT

    All true. What a waste of ones money.
  14. anil

    Food Photo blog II

    @Termz:  Lovely. I have never been on a cruise. If I do, it would be the Chile/Argentina, Terra del Fugo one; Anyways, you say all buffet meals ? Is the food good ?
  15. anil

    Whats your favourite snacks with your drink?

    What ever is free In one of my regular watering holes, they bring tortilla chips and salsa for free. Other, has hotdogs cut in bite sizes, also free.