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    Visa Renewal

    I have a question, I would like to open new topic. I stayed in India for 10 years on student visas. last 6 years I was doing research work. my institute was in Andhra pradesh but I was staying in Gujarat. I tried to explain to police institute had no objection I was staying elsewhere but Andhra police had problem. last year I returned to slovenia, my country and I applied for student visa for India, Gujarat. they said my institute rejected invitation. at institute they denied this and refused to give another invitation letter. now I am planning to apply for one year turist visa. do you think is it big possibility it gets rejected because I was staying in Gujarat being registered in Andhra? what are the consequences if you stay elsewhere from place of registration? I completed and started new research work during this time. I studied also in Gujarat which I explained to police. thank you so much my e-mail: padmasrimsrim9@yahoo.com padma