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Kothmir ka Kheema

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Kothmir translates to corinader in English. I do not know abou the exact origins of this word. Though, all I know is just a smattering of Urdu, I think it has more of a Dravidian origin, than an Urdu- Persian one. Kheema is mince. This dish , as all other kheema dishes, is made best with lamb mince, but turns out acceptable if you decide to use chicken mince. I don't eat beef, but you could go right ahead and use beef mince too.

Typically Hyderabadi spices go into the making, including browned onions, ginger, garlic and turmeric and red chilli powders. The other main ingredient, fresh coriander, is common to so many other Indian dishes. But, what might set eyes rolling, is my observation of how kheema never teams up with the ubiquitous pea, as in more generic varieties of Indian kheema dishes.

In Hyderabad, kheema is cooked up in a variety of ways, but seldom with peas or tomatoes. One might add these in a Hyderabadi house, to keep in step with the changing times. Also, as far as I am concerned, kheema dishes should have no unappetizing watery look to it.


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