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SPICES OF India CREATES A MAGICAL EFFECT- CHEF RAMAN .. Spices- The Indian Institute of Spices Research, located at Calicut (Kozhikode) in Kerala, India, is exclusively devoted to conduct research on all aspects of spice crops such as black pepper, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, garcinia and vanilla. World Of Indian Spices Cuisine is an expression of a nation"s soul and any understanding Of Indian Cuisine would have to take into account our Diverse and Fascinating Spices. Their sensuous aromas and flavors enliven the palate, activate taste bud and heighten the enjoyment of Gastronomic pleasures. Whole spices are roasted to enhance flavour. The Drying Process is Simple. Spices can be roasted in drying pan over a very low heat or in the oven , or traditionally in the sun. Name & Description of each spices- Asofoetida ( Hing ) Obtained- In the form of a Resinous Gum from a plant that grows mainly in Afghanistan And Iran Despite its disagreeable O dour, A minuscule amount, attached to the lid of the vessel , can add a very distinct and yet agreeable flavour. A must in Gujrati Cuisine.... Aromatic Ginger ( saunth ): Though aromatic ginger provides a distinct flavour and aroma, its very rarely used. Available fresh and dried , this cannot substitute ginger under any circumstances. Black cumin ( shahi Jeera ) Despite its Hindu description , this is not real cumin. Its aromatic , peppery and has a flavor different to cumin. Bay Leaves ( Tej patta) Used exclusively in North Indian Cuisine For flavorings;leaves are discarded after use.. Cardamom- of all the spices in the world , only saffron is more expensive than Cardamom. Used for desserts & Pulao. Carom Seeds- Carom seeds have Thyme like flavor. provides strong medicinal properties. Coriander- Dried and Ground , is the mainstay of Indian cookery. Curry Leaves ( Kadi Patta ): are essential ingredient in almost all curries. Cloves- It Was first used in china over 2,000 year ago The oil that is derived from the buds acts as an effective anti septic. Cinnamon- is Pale , Thin bark .used for sweet and savoury foods.. Fennel ( Saunf ) Fennel is also known as ' sweet cumin Fenugreek- have slightly bitter taste. A must in preparations of pickles.. Mango Powder- Tangy qualities that tickles the tastes buds and used for flavorings. Mace used sparingly- only for Meats & Fish curries- as a part of garam masala. Mustard Seeds -(Rai)- used in pickles.. Nutmeg- used rarely in small quantities. Onion Seeds ( kalonji) Bengalis cannot think of cooking vegetables or fish without onion seeds. Some More knowledge of spices Even nowadays when most Indian cuisine lovers can afford meat, each kind of meat can taste completely different when different spices are added. Herbs and spices make simple vegetarian dishes flavorsome and really exciting. The meat is either cooked in a wok or in a special tandoori oven â therefore itâs not fatty, neither overcooked. Itâs served along with vegetables and rice â giving a well-balanced mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. A daily diet rich in spices may offer protection against cancer and other illnesses. This may be reason, why Indians suffer lower cases of many cancers. A chemical called capsaicin, which fives spicy food its kick, holds they key to the next generation of anti - cancer drugs. Well in the end :- East or west Indian food & spices are the world "s best"