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maliks indian as seen on bbc news worlds farst indian takeway to do live web cam

AS SEEN ON BBC MIDLANDS TODAY We are an Indian Takeaway and we only use quality ingredients to create our finest Indian cuisine. We are proud to announce we are the first Indian takeaway in the world to have our kitchen on a live stream web broadcast through our own website. This new technology will ensure that you can watch your order being created. Also this means we have nothing to hide because some takeaways cook from frozen and we do not BBC Panorama why not use frozen chicken Also we have introduced a new tracking system into our delivery driver's vehicles so you will soon be able track your order exactly were it is once we have our systems fully operational. Why choose Maliks? We only use lamb and chicken in our dishes, We only use cholesterol free fats, Only use Class 1 chicken breast, Freshly prepared spices, Authentic Indian Recipies, Live WebCam, Balti, Fast free delivery. Chicken Lava (Very Hot)in Chef Specialities Chicken and the hottest chillis from around the world,cooked with herbs to a secret recipe, this poboley is worlds hottest curry! go www.maliksindian.co.uk



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