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Hello friends, Everythin do in my garden/yard, I would like to share here. First of all, why a interested in in doin arden work ? As a kid, I used to watch my mother do gardenin n the small garden that we had at the central govt. quarters where we lived. She would ask my brother and sister to help her with it, but usually they didn't or were busy with their studies. I would help take out grass, bring out the pipe/hose or fold the pipe after she was done watering (I was little then and she probably didn't trust me then with watering her plants). As rew, we had a backyard too which she didn't use and ot full freedom to do what I wanted there, but all I did ever was either dig a huge hole (I wanted to see how far I could dig) or burn wood/junk or chase the kids with sticks and stones who came to steal the guavas(peru) from our tree. uarded our neighbor's Drumsticks' tree too, because our neighbor allowed me to climb their tree and pluck leaves. My mother would fry the leaves. Once I found a dead animal(big rat, called goose in hindi) outside on the road, I dragged it with a stick near our yard and then ran inside and told mom "There is a dead rat outside. Your lemon tree seems to be pale; didn't you say that dead animals are good fertilizers ? Can I dig a hole near the lemon tree and plant it?" I would also collect dung, etc and put it near the plants' roots for manure. Long story short..... ay have picked up some interest in gardening fro y mom and watchin randfather(mom's side) in the fields when we visited our native village in AP during summer vacations. Since last year, I have been asked by my doctor to indulge in some physical activity / walks to keep my stress level low, high bp under control. So it came naturally to me to fully utilize the backyard for gardening. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction, when I work in the yard, even if it involves just picking up weeds/grass.



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